the source center of project


think, plan, act, take, dare, insist, correct, leave... to do.

these are the phases of certain listed by default, necessary and in preparation, along with the ethical sense, to achieve a good the final result; ethical sense is understood as a process that brings inner the human being to choose to behave in a certain way, because it is imposed by a law, but because his intelligence leads him to understand

that it is the best choice for himself and for the community in which he lives.


we produces less but in a workmanlike manner, preserving the culture of the well-made. the passion for light the base of every idea, the search for new creative incentives the constant of our work. we strive to create innovative devices characterized by a strong artisan matrix whose essentiality, customize the environment in which it is inserted.



when it all began. tradition and industry come together, born vesoi.



brand lucefan was the first of our brand-products for large-scale distribution in italian market.



with a higher quality standard, copyright is born.



takes off from the objects their primary use, irony product ready-made with brand quotidiana.



production begins in the new production unit in the triveneto(north of italy – venice area).



two vesoi lamps are awarded by i.d.o.t. (italian design on tour) an idea of the ministry of production and the polytechnic institute of milan.



our first unique reverse catalog is born: yesterday, today , tomorrow...



innovative materials and renewable resources: we make it livable what we produce respecting man and the environment.



observing trends and producing quality make us to develop new luminaire suitable as a decorative element, to customize and define spaces, create rhythms and scenery.



the constant search for new sources creates products from the immediate and recognizable language .



attention to details. appliances innovatively material are inserted in both domestic and public environments.



a workshop where ideas for production are born and where they form objects that tell the light evoking the tradition.



finally the brand new photocatalog. we've given more space to the images to suggest different ideas and applications with the support of our project tools.