Kevin Reilly



Renowned for his innovative work with lighting that uses a decidedly new approach, American designer Kevin Reilly designs luxurious lighting to create environments that are harmonious, warm and inviting.

In 2001, Kevin Reilly set out to produce a piece that would achieve a very romantic and natural quality of light. Innovation came forth with Reilly’s distinctive electrical wax candle, a permanently burning source of soft, ambient light. The iconic ‘Altar’ was born.

Kevin Reilly’s creations diffuse a romantic light from day to night. Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps elegantly fill any room with their sculptural form. Balancing tradition and modernity, Kevin Reilly Collection reflects the desire to create an atmosphere that is both minimalist and magical.


In Montgomery, Alabama a small team of truly dedicated artisans work together to assemble each lighting fixture by hand. The meticulous process of bringing each piece to life leaves no detail overlooked.

Kevin Reilly relies on a time-tested savoir-faire and traditional craftsmanship to ensure the quality of its creations. Lamps are always wired and tested individually to ensure proper function. For candle fixtures, each candle is carved and sculpted by hand.


Kevin Reilly’s collections are available in a range of sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and pendants. The geometric lines, inspired by industrial design, and the authentic materials used, create these timeless light fixtures. Playing with transparency, the materials and contrasts offer a subtle blend of different raw materials – metal, paper, crystal glass, and candle wax – for a more contemporary atmosphere.

With a style of his own, Kevin Reilly offers varied collection pieces that can find their place in all types of spaces, whether indoor or outdoor. Kevin Reilly was one of the first designers in 2006 to launch a high-end collection of outdoor lighting. This line was manufactured with much technical refinement, and has become an excellent solution for landscape architects and designers.