Aldo Bernardi

Aldo Bernardi: 46 years of passion, ideas and wonderful creations... and we are still here with a desire to create. All our creations have taken shape in an exceptional setting, surrounded by marvellous landscapes and colours, and have set off on journeys, both near and far, around Italy and the world. 

Ceramic and brass are our first love. We have studied them, observed them, played with them and shaped them. Finally, we have literally given them light and life. Thus, through skilful use of these raw materials, our adventure began and our company has grown, one idea after another, drawing by drawing and creation by creation. Lighting for interiors, for exteriors and complex systems: we reach all spaces, designing solutions that both illuminate and decorate in every situation. 

Style, tradition, attention to detail: three ingredients that we consciously mix day by day to arrive at luminous creations. 



Classic and modern: we have designed and created lamps, wall lights, hanging lamps, floor lamps, lighting systems... We design them to look good in any setting. 



We are children of our land and proud of our past, which we present anew, with its own style, free from fashions or conformism, to offer a first class product that combines

tradition and innovation.



We strongly believe that every detail, no matter how small, can make a difference. Details make perfection and perfection is certainly not a detail. We design, process the raw materials and manufacture everything in our headquarters in Paderno del Grappa. Pay us a visit if you’d like to see us at work!